Martin Shkreli Got Busted, HaHaHaHaHa!

Martin Shkreli has been arrested, and everybody who has heard of him is tickled pink.


Martin Shkreli

Of course, it would be nice if he had been arrested for being a price gouging weasel, a heartless extorter of the poor, a subhuman money worshipper, but there’s nothing illegal about any of those things.

He has been arrested for securities fraud.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be convicted and go to jail.  After all, it’s white collar crime so they’re not going to arrest somebody unless they are pretty sure they’ve got enough evidence to convict.

If it’s murder, or marijuana, you can be arrested just for looking like somebody else, but here there is a paper trail.  At least, I hope so.

I know, I know, rich people have good lawyers and he will try everything he can to get out of it, but Martha Stewart went to jail on roughly the same charge, and people LIKE Martha Stewart.  Bernie Madoff got jailed for a similar crime and he’s never going to get out of jail.

Also, if it’s a jury trial, every person on that jury will be saying “Hey, isn’t he the guy who wanted to charge $750 or a $13.50 pill?” and even though the judge will tell them to disregard that, they’ll be as eager to put the slimebucket behind bars as everybody else.

They should hold his trial in Madison Square Garden and sell tickets.  That would be fun. Cathartic, even.

It’s kind of like how they got Al Capone for tax evasion.  Everybody knows they arrested him for being Al Capone.  They still put him away.


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