How We Know Bernie Won the Debate

Do you know how I know Bernie Sanders won the debate last night?  Because there are no blaring headlines saying “Hillary Wins!,” which you know darned well, from prior experience, there would be if it was even close.

In fact, there weren’t very many blaring headlines at all.  So, I figure Bernie must have done great.

Of course, all of my Sanders supporting friends on facebook (which is most of them, I think) have been sending links, so I’ve seen some good Bernie speeches (they’re all the same, actually, which is both his strength and his weakness), and that funny little moment at the beginning when Hillary walked in late for class.

The handful of Hillary supporters I know have also been sending clips, which I’m assuming were Hillary’s  highlights of the evening, and they weren’t really impressive.  “May the force be with  you,” indeed.

Still, no knockout punch, which brings me to my next observation, and conclusion: I’ve heard people say that Iowa, or Iowa and New Hampshire, are must wins for Sanders (or for Hillary.)

These people have obviously not been watching politics for the last couple of decades.  There is no more must.  And I don’t think either of these candidates are going to drop out, no matter what.

So, buckle up.  It’s going to be a long ride.


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