Winter Solstice

Tonight is the  night, the winter solstice, the exact moment in the world’s journey around the sun when the night is as long as it gets and the sun, in northern climes, nearly disappears from the Earth.winter solstice

There can be no doubt that to primitive peoples, who didn’t have a real good understanding of how the world works, this could be a bit disconcerting.  Will the  sun ever return?  Well, of course every primitive person over the age of 4 could remember seeing the same scenario the year before, so the numbers thinking the world would end were probably, even then, few.

And even knowing the workings of the  heavens the way we do now, it’s still kind of an amazing day, one worth marking the passage.  Tonight is the longest, darkest  night of the year.  After this, the days get longer, we see a bit more sun each day.

Spring is coming.  Rejoice!



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