Christmas Break, Maybe

Tomorrow morning we’re off to the cottage and we’ll get back Sunday night.  I’m not sure what kind of internet access I’ll have there.  I’ll blog if I can, but don’t be too surprised if this space doesn’t get refreshed for a couple of days.

It would fit.  It’s the solstice season, when everything freezes up, people stay indoors and nothing happens.  Time to hibernate.spinning

Of course, it’s a big. wide world and things are happening all around it that are worth  writing about.  The Chinese are creating a strange and terrifying hybrid of an internet game and a narc on your neighbor program.  Elon Musk did some very cool stuff in space.  Global Warming is still, and very obviously, happening.  An AI program was asked “What is the meaning of life?” and replied “To live forever” which means, as far as I can see, that the Turing Test has been passed.

But, I don’t expect any real changes between now and January.  Neither Clinton nor Sanders is going to abandon the Democratic race, at least not until Super Tuesday.  Trump will continue to lead the Republicans.  Trump could drown a sackful of puppies during halftime at the Super Bowl and he would still lead the Republicans.  He’s already threatened to drop nuclear weapons on somebody – anybody – and they weren’t bothered a bit.

So, I’ll blog if I can, but if I can’t, I remain completely confident that the world will continue to turn without me.



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