Rapid Fire Offense

There is no bottom.  We passed the point where the bottom was supposed to be a long, long time ago.

Trump’s comments about Mexican rapists, and Megyn Kelly being on her period, didn’t damage his popularity even a little bit.  Excusing his supporters who beat up and pissed on a homeless guy didn’t offend the kind of people who show up at Trump rallies.  You would think the blatant unconstitutionality, or at least the obvious parallels to Nazism,  of making Muslim’s wear little, yellow crescent moons like the Jews in Germany in the ’30s would have offended those of his supporters old enough to remember those dark days.  Nope.

He’s made a lot of offensive statements just  in the last  couple of days.  The one I find the most horrifying is the “What’s the use of having nuclear weapons if you’re not going to use them?” (this may have come from a spokesperson – still, Trump stands by it.)  Basically, Trump’s main campaign promise is “I’m going to nuke  somebody.”  It’s shocking how many Americans actually seem to think that is a good thing.

The next two statements came in the same speech, like within 30 seconds of each other.  Most of the press has focused on the ‘Hillary got Shlonged in 2008’ because of the creative use of the Yiddish word shlong, which means dick.  Hillary got dicked in 2008.  Obama’s a black man.  Therefore, he must have a big shlong.

But, in my opinion, what was worse were his comments about Hillary’s bathroom break, which made her a few seconds late during the Democratic debate.  “Where was she?  Where was she?  We know where she was.  I can’t  talk about where she was.  It’s disgusting.  It’s too disgusting.”

Seriously?  The man’s been married 3 times, he has a daughter, and he thinks women going to the bathroom is disgusting.

I do not understand the women at Trump’s rallies.  And I hope none of them ever have to go to the toilet.


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