The Mighty Fall

Like dominoes, sometimes, it seems.  I will start with the least: David Spade, a not terribly funny comedian who was on Saturday Night Live for a while and, on the big screen, has probably sold fewer tickets than  Pauly Shore.  The only  role  I can picture him in is when he was straight man to Chris Farley in  Tommy Boy.  And, his fall from grace is not  so dramatic.  He didn’t get caught molesting children, or anything like  that.  No, just a different political opinion, but one that clearly  marks him as a moron: he doesn’t like Obama because “Obama’s always looking  for  attention.”cos

Obama’s the president of the United States, you  idiot.  Every  word that comes out of his mouth is newsworthy.  If the press wasn’t covering him  every day, the racist pack of braying hounds would be shouting that he’s too secretive and must be hiding something.

Much more distressing to me were the comments of Jerry Lewis: pro Trump, anti-refugee, and nasty  as hell.  The big difference,  though, is I’m a fan of  Jerry  Lewis.  He was the Jim Carrey of the 50s and 60s.  I don’t know how many times Jerry Lewis has had me rolling on the floor laughing with tears coming  out of my eyes, but there  were many.

But, you’ve got to separate the artist from  their work, etc…, and besides, he’s old….almost 90.

The worst case of all, of course, is Bill Cosby.  He actually (allegedly, of course, but it sounds like he’s guilty as hell to me) did some nasty stuff.   You don’t get  much nastier  than  rape.

I don’t feel sorry  for him.  He had  the  fame, he  had the  fortune, and he  had plenty of sex, but he won’t have the legacy.  His legacy  will  be that of a rapist.

The inexplicable part of it is, he probably could have gotten plenty of sex anyway; from willing, conscious women.  But that’s not what he did.


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