Snow is  a relatively uninteresting blog topic but seeing as how all anybody’s talking about in the news is those goobers out in Oregon and I wrote about them last night, and in  view of the fact that  we’re well into January and this  is the first snow of the year and this  is Prague, snow is my topic.

We did have a slight  dusting one  day in November, but it didn’t last.  This has been coming down all day and now that it’s night time and cold, it’s certainly not going  to melt before morning and, being  a starless night, it might well snow more.

Good.  I certainly hope they got  more in the mountains because Isabel is on  a school ski trip and if they don’t get any time on the slopes at all, she’s going to be disappointed.

As much as I’m not a fan of snow, and wouldn’t mind  horribly  living in a place that never had it, it’s sort of an essential part of the environment here, and two successive nearly snowless winters in a row is a very  bad sign.  Global warming is coming on fast, and Prague is going to be like Italy in a few years.

That does have it’s advantages, but it’s going to be real hard for the farmers to adapt.  Different crops.  Apple trees will stop bearing fruit and die.  Cherries, too.

This is the world’s biggest problem today, the one that threatens our existence as a species.  Maybe we should take a break from all the war stuff and deal with it.


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