It’s Not a Federal Building. It’s a federal building.

Even when technically  correct, a headline can be misleading.  “Right wing protesters occupy Federal Building” conjures up an image, for me, of the Federal Building in Los Angeles, a gleaming, multi-story building where we marched up and down in 1990, shouting “No blood for  oil!” and it  seemed to me that no government  had ever before waged such a horrible war  on such an obviously bullshit pretext but it was, after all, just the beginning of the long and ugly descent which has brought  us  to where we  are today.


This is the place.

Another image conjured up is that of the Oklahoma Federal Building, brought  down by Timothy McVeigh, who has a great deal in common with the  guys who are currently occupying the ‘Federal Building’ out  in Middle-of-Nowhere, Oregon.  It is, indeed, a federal building, i.e. a building owned by the federal government, but it’s not exactly as if they are issuing passports and trying  federal  cases in that building.

It’s the visitors’ center at a nature reserve, it looks like  a  big house in the  middle of  the forest, and it was closed  for the holidays when a couple  of Cliven  Bundy’s sons and a dozen or two  other gun loving wackadoodles walked in and took  it over.

They have said  they  won’t leave, and if federal authorities try to  force them out,  they  will open fire.

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for how to deal with the situation  on  facebook, from  drone  strikes on down.

What Obama is likely to do is ignore them, just like he ignored their father, Cliven Bundy, when he refused to pay his grazing fees.

Letting them break the law, apparently, doesn’t work.  They just break the law harder and stupider.

The solution  is simple.  Block the  road that leads to the  cabin.  (I’m sure there’s only one.)  Then wait.  Shut  off their  water and electric.  Let’s see what great survivalists  they are.

If they want to come out, arrest them.  Otherwise, they can stay there, in their self-made, self-operated prison, forever.



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