Slow Day

It’s been a slow week and a gradual easing back  into work after Christmas vacation, which makes me  a bit frustrated. I’m actually anxious to  get back to a  full teaching schedule and  there definitely is such a thing as spending  too much time on facebook.

But, tomorrow I’ve got my 7 a.m. class and it’s now 11 p.m., so I’m writing whatever (and the space bar is jamming, so I have  to go back over  every sentence)

My morning class canceled today, and then  the first of my afternoon classes, so all I had was the German kindergarten.  If any of the parents of  the children in that group are readers of my blog (unlikely), I’m  sorry, but you  are raising a little monster.

The youngest boy wasn’t much of a problem, but one of the girls burst into tears because  he  made a little mark  on her paper crown with a  crayon and you would  have thought she was burned by spattered grease.  The other little girl kept screaming  at me that I’d ruined her life, I had no idea what she  was  talking about.  The oldest boy just  kept giving  deliberately wrong answers  to everything and  thinking he was funny (he is most definitely not funny).

After that fiasco, I met Helena at the book  launch of an artist friend, which was a nice event.  It was at  a  wine bar but neither of us  drink wine, and they did a reading  from the book, which I didn’t understand much of, it was in Czech, but  it was just a lovely atmosphere, made me feel all cultured  and shit, and I saw  a couple of people  I hadn’t seen for a long time, so it  was a nice wind down to the evening.


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