A Couple of Things

I believe I may have  been  guilty  of misreporting a couple of days ago when I said that one of  Obama’s 23 executive orders called for background checks not only on gun purchasers, but also on gun shop  owners.  Although I think it might not be a bad  idea, I haven’t seen  it repeated anywhere else, so I think I may have been guilty of  reading too fast.  A pretty good summary (although not a total list) is here.

We just got back from the bus station, seeing  off Sam’s friend for his trip  back home,  to Innsbruck.  It started snowing while  we were standing in line, waiting for him  to board his bus.  Lightly at first, and then faster and faster.  I started to write  ‘softly’ at first, but even in  a blizzard, snow  falls  softly.  It may be huge, fat flakes falling swiftly, but  it is still  soft.  That is the nature of snow.  If  it had  been rain, it would have  been quite unpleasant.  As it  was, it was beautiful.

re the story of the professor who got  fired  for  saying  that Allah  and God  are the same.  It  strikes me that all versions of God, at least  in monotheistic religions, are automatically the  same, as they’re imaginary.   Even taking a somewhat less atheistic, confrontational tone, what people are  believing in  is  an ultimate superpower, an entity which created the universe, which is all seeing and  all knowing.  The name doesn’t matter much.  There are differences  between  Athena and Thor, Pan and Anubis, because they are  not  so all powerful, but each has a  specific jurisdiction, a different  characterization, and different abilities.  Between God and Allah, there’s no  difference like that.





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