Keeping Up on the News

I sometimes think, and it’s logical for me to think this, that maybe I am underinformed about world events.  I almost never watch TV news.  I seldom even look at a newspaper unless it’s to do a sudoku puzzle, and I wouldn’t have even known that magazines still exist except that my wife is fond of the genre.
I get most of my news through facebook, which skews my viewpoint even more because birds of a feather flock together, and your friend list is your flock.  As someone who leans to the left, I’ve obviously got more friends who lean to the left than the right.
I will follow links, and so read a variety of news articles from different sources, but very seldom even look at an internet news site and just read the news – except when I’m stuck for an idea to write my blog about.

So, I just scanned through the old Huffington Post, where I used to leave comments regularly but they  asked me to change my password one too many times, so forget them.  I found I’m not missing anything at all and I’m up to date on all of the main stories.

r.e. the Cruz birther kerfuffle.  It’s the kind of thing people who are against him are going to make a thing about, and people who are for him are not.  It’s like me making fun of Chris Christie’s weight.  If there were a left wing governor of similar proportions, I wouldn’t make jokes about it at all.  I doubt it’s going to be a real issue, in the end.  There are lots of reasons to never elect Cruz president, but being Canadian is not one of them.

And speaking of Ted Cruz, the ‘spanking Hillary’ comment is, indeed, a good reason to hate him.  But, it’s not a good enough reason to like Hillary.  The only thing about her I do like is the fact that the very mention of her name is like a rock thrown into the Republican hornet’s nest.

So, in one sense, it would be an entertaining 8 years if she won, listening to insane right wingers scream about how she’s violating the constitution and being a socialist and shoving feminism down everybody’s throats and all, but….

We’ve just had 8 years of that shit.  It’s frustrating, having to defend Obama against the Republicans when he still hasn’t close Gitmo, hasn’t charged any Republicans with crimes, and hasn’t even started the kind of jobs program that Sanders would.

That’s pretty much what 8 years of Hillary would be like, and I’d rather not.


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