Plusses and Minuses of Security Cameras

Saturday, day off, spent most of it on facebook and reading A Dance of Dragons, Isabel got back from her ski trip, nothing eventful but a pleasant, lazy day all around.

Got into a couple of arguments on facebook today.  One was about the  difference between phase and faze and I always figured the phasers on Star Trek were fazers, because they faze you, they stun you, but that is apparently not the official Star Trek spelling, so I lost that one.  The  other was about the Clampetts state of origin on The Beverly Hillbillies.  One of the great unknowns.

I reached the conclusion that the less relevant a conversation to real life or any actual importance, the more likely it is to  attract participants.  Which, I guess, is neither an original thought or an unusual observation.

The coolest thing I saw today on facebook was a photo of a snowy owl in flight from a traffic cam in Montreal.  There’s been many an argument over cameras watching the public’s every move, and it appears those of us concerned with privacy and civil rights have lost.  But, it isn’t working out like we’d feared, or even as they’d hoped.  In fact, it’s kind of backfired on them.

Yup, they’ve caught a few criminals here and there, that’s one plus, but it doesn’t seem as if crime has decreased, as it should have.  The unexpected benefit, of course, is  that cameras everywhere means some police officers have been exposed for their brutal, cruel and unfair practices.  No convictions yet, but the problem has been exposed.

Plus, we get random photos of cool stuff, like owls.


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