Things definitely seem to be breaking Bernie’s way.  The endorsement from Move On was expected, that’s Bernie’s people, all the way, the whole “We are the 99%” crowd, but it’s nice that it was such a wide margin.  The non-endorsement endorsement from Joe Biden was music to my ears.  What  he  said  was succinct, correct, and deadly  effective.

Then there are the polls, which show Sanders leading in Iowa as well as New Hampshire.  I’ve got a theory about this.  I suspect Sanders may have been leading in the polls for awhile (if the poll was on my facebook feed, Sanders would be winning by about 90-10), but the press, absolutely determined to ignore him no matter what, has been downplaying any good polls Sanders got, and playing any which  showed Hillary leading out of proportion.  Then there was the incident when they (I’m not  going to look  up which network did this, but it was one of  the big ones), just flat out reversed their numbers.

But, with all that ignoring and downplaying, they are going to look foolish if Sanders does anything more than squeaks through in Iowa.  If he totally crushes it, the question will be “How did the press miss this?”

So, they have to start mentioning the possibility, and Hillary needs to start de-emphasizing Iowa and New Hampshire, using rhetoric like “It’s a long campaign” or “You can’t predict the end result from a couple of small states.”

But, they mean a lot.  They mean the press will be forced to start covering Sanders or else they are just hastening the day when social media totally takes over their role and they become irrelevant, except for entertainment.  Which would not be a bad thing.

A free press is critically important to a Democracy, but it doesn’t have to be in the form of television and newspapers.

Anyway, when the press starts covering Sanders a little more, that will give him a big boost in South Carolina.  Then Hillary will say “wait for Super Tuesday,”because this is a replay of 2008 and it’s easy to write these predictions, just substituting Sanders for Obama.

She will become increasingly aggressive, and nastier in her attacks, because that’s what happened in 2008.  At some point, I expect the words “socialist Jew” to slip from her lips.  And then she will lose.



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