Hillary – An American Tragedy

There was a moment in time when I thought Hillary  should run; a moment in time when, in fact, I thought she would have made a decent president.  That moment was 2004.hillary

Sure, she’d already sold us out by voting for the Iraq war, but she still could have got away with it; made a few outraged speeches about how she’d been lied to, vowed to bring the war to  an honorable close, etc…

I suppose it was logical of her not to run.  Stay in the Senate a few years, build up the old resume, not look overeager.  But,  we needed her then and she wasn’t there.  She could have won the nomination.  She’s not exactly a honybucket of charisma, but compared to John Kerry she’s downright magnetic.  She probably would have won, too.

Except, she didn’t think so.  If she thought it was going to be a Democratic year, she would have gone for it.  The woman is a political animal and she’s wanted to be president her whole life.  So, she  stayed out, and the rest is history.

When 2008 rolled around, I supported her in the beginning.  The ‘electability’ argument.  I was disenchanted with her, but figured she could win and, despite her political cowardice, would make a halfway decent president.  But when Obama took Iowa, I figured “Damn.  If a black guy can win in Iowa, maybe he can win anywhere.”  And I got behind him.

She probably figured she had  it  in the bag this year, with Obama not running.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.

I feel a little bit  bad for her, knowing how  bad she wants it, how much she  feels entitled to  it, but she blew it.  It wasn’t a failure to hire the right campaign manager in 2008, it wasn’t a failure to get enough endorsements or say the right thing in the right place at the right time.

Quite simply, she missed her moment.  Her moment was 2004.


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