Suggested Title: A Plethora of Plot Lines

Today Sam had a football tournament, which I tend to see as a lost day, but it didn’t go too badly  at all.  I took a walk around the small  town of Říčany before the action started, it snowed last night and, in fact, it was still snowing, and  I was inspired to write a poem about  trees in the snow, which I later posted to the Occasional Poems page, where I contribute regularly.  I don’t know what’s happened to our Alchemy Readings, so I’m glad to have an alternative outlet.

Fortunately, the tournament was indoor, and there  is  seating for the fans, which meant I could read when he wasn’t playing.  (They won 2, tied 4, and lost zero, placing 3rd out of  7.  Sam scored 1 goal, in a 3-0 win.  So, that was pretty good.)

I’m on book 5 of the Game of Thrones series, and there are two things I’d like to say about that.  First, while it’s an exciting story and well written, it’s no Harry Potter, it’s no Lord of the Rings, it’s not even close.  If it was, it wouldn’t be taking me so long to read it.  I’m interested, but it’s still something I read mainly on the Metro or while I’m sitting at a football tournament I’m not terribly interested in.

Second, here is my prediction:  George R.R. Martin  is going to wind up splitting Book 6 into 6 and 7, both because there’s just way too much going on, and also because 7 is sort of a magical number (especially  in  the story, because of the 7 Gods) and because that seems to be a common ploy any more, at least in movies.

And here is the spoiler alert, stop reading now if you don’t  want to  know, but this is why I think it needs to be split.  I’m a third of the way through book 5 and there are at least 4 major characters who everybody thinks  are dead but are really alive, they haven’t mentioned Arya Stark so far in this book at all which is uncool, she’s my favorite character and Martin just left her blinded and seems to have forgotten about her, also her baby brother Rickon seems to have dropped out of the story altogether.  While we’re on the Starks, Sansa is not going to be able to keep up her little charade of not being Sansa forever, and  that situation is not going to be easy to resolve without a few other dominoes falling.  Meanwhile, across the sea, Danaerys Targaryen has at least 4  men who want  to marry her, more armies arrayed against her than anybody can keep track of, and still has to figure out how to keep her dragons from eating people, at least people whom she  doesn’t particularly want eaten.

Also, despite the fearsome pace with which Martin kills off his main characters, there are several I dearly want to see dead (Cirsei, Mellisandre, Roose Bolton, Peter Baelish, fat old Walder Frey, Euron Crow’s Eye) who are still, quite annoyingly, alive.

I don’t see how he can do it all in just one more book.


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