Bloomberg’s Bullshit

Let me waste tonight’s blog on the idea that Michael Bloomberg might  enter the presidential race.  And I say waste because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen.


TR had the Bull Moose party, I’m going to start the Bull Shit party.

The headline said (and the headline is all I read, which is how seriously I am not taking this) that he was forming an  exploratory committee.  He’s a billionaire, and forming an exploratory committee takes him about as much effort as it takes me to write this blog, and costs about the same percentage of his income  as I would spend  on  a Snickers bar.  So, forming an exploratory committee doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to run.

Secondly, the headline said he was going to run as an independent, and aforesaid exploratory committee is likely to come back and say “Sorry, Mr. ex-mayor, nobody has ever won the presidency as an independent since George Washington, and that’s only because they hadn’t invented political parties yet.  The country was still young, and innocent.”

Beyond that, though, I don’t think he’ll run  because he doesn’t have a base.  Trump is not leading in the polls because he’s  a billionaire.  Trump is leading  in the polls  because he’s a loud mouthed, crude, racist billionaire, and the teabaggers eat that shit up.

Who likes Michael Bloomberg?  A few other billionaires, maybe, who might see him as an alternative to Trump.  Perhaps a few old guard Republicans, like Lindsay Graham, who has  said he’d vote for Sanders over Trump.  Still, you put those two demographics together and you couldn’t fill the bleachers at a high school gym in Indiana.

In the event that he does run, spending  a billion or so of his own money, he’s only likely to take votes away from Republicans because he  is, you know, a Republican.

So, I don’t see him as being a serious threat to my main man, Bernie Sanders.  But, you never can tell.   If he decides to go for it, I will read up on him a bit further.




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