Negative Energy

Tonight I am going to waste this blog responding to this piece of nonsense, which I didn’t actually read, but just the headline indicates that the author is a negative Nellie, a Debbie Downer, a person of little faith in the infinite potential of the universe.  It’s this little thing, which appeared in  the Huffington Post and was undoubtedly written by a professional taker up of space. (that’s not  a pun  on outer space; it just means they take up space, in this world, without really providing any social value and write stuff for websites which takes up space, and the time of everyone who reads it, without imparting any useful, or even well thought out, information.

The idea is that maybe the reason we haven’t found intelligent extraterrestrial life yet is because it doesn’t exist and the reason it doesn’t exist is because once a civilization develops  enough  technology to wipe itself out, it does.

This is such multi-leveled horseshit I barely know where to begin.  First of all, it’s projection. We think that because we are constantly teetering on the brink of destruction, every other technological civilization would be, which totally ignores the possibility that some beings out there might be kinder, or at least less aggressively suicidal than we are.  A foolish assumption.
I’m quite certain that at that point in the Drake equation (number of technical civilizations who manage to become spacefaring before they extinct themselves to death) ,the number of intelligent civilizations gets divided into two groups. I’ve no idea what the percentages are, but there are undoubtedly some who do and some who don’t, because both are within the realm of physical possibility and all that is within the realm of physical possibility actually happens somewhere in infinite time and space.

Secondly, it’s not as if we’ve been exhaustively examining the universe for millenia.

The airplane was invented just over a century  ago.  How many centuries was it between the invention of the boat and Columbus’ discovery of America.  A hundred centuries?  At least.

Give it a bit  of time.  There’s no reason to give  up on the search just yet.


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