I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy


O.K., tonight a couple of quick comments on things which aren’t that  important, but they’re controversial.

I’m not sorry that what’s his name, the foster children farmer from the Bundy gang, is dead.  He’s a guy who’s been waving his gun around, threatening the police and daring them to try and arrest him, since this whole thing began.  No crying now, he got what he was asking for.  I guess there are still some on site, screaming through their beards that they will die  defending their freedom to take public lands from the public, which is all of us, and give it to the people, which is them, but one is dead, eight are in jail, and that’s a real good start.

As regards the rather unusual casting decision to have Joseph Fiennes, whitey white Joseph Fiennes, play Michael Jackson in an upcoming British made for TV movie, “Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon.”  It’s bizarre, but I can live with it.  Michael Jackson had had so much surgery by that time in his life (the film is about the story, which Elizabeth Taylor denied but, hey, it could have happened, that Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando wanted to get the hell out of New York on 9/11, like who wouldn’t, but they couldn’t get a plane out, like they normally would have, being rich people, so they rented a car and went road tripping like ordinary folks) that getting a black actor to play  him would be almost as dishonest.

I think Jackson would  approve.  Whatever Michael was, he was trying to be something else, so his legacy is  going to be a bit flexible, too.




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