There’s Something Coming

I’m sitting here,  it’s late at night, I’ve no idea about what to write,

politics is a waste of time, it’s important but it’s like going out into the middle of the desert where nobody could possibly hear you and then screaming at the top of your lungs, I’ve notice I get more readers when I just write about my day which I think is weird because my days tend to be routine and my day is no more illuminating about all our days than anybody else’s day is, so I don’t want to write about that.  Sometimes I like to write about celebrity scandals, or at any rate I used to, lately the celebrities aren’t having the really good scandals any more, except for Bill Cosby, and I agree with the majority on that, guilty as hell, but I don’t know what can be done about it now except to make it known, he’s an old man, even if he goes to jail now, he got away with it.  Sometimes I might go deliberately looking through all the news articles, especially the science stuff, hoping I can find some breakthrough on talking with  elephants or discovery of  a habitable planet or robots with superpowers, but instead of that I’m just going to let this blog be tonight and this is is.


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