A Dark Month

There is no  doubt that January, 2o16, will be remembered in history as a dark month for rock and roll.  David Bowie, Glenn Frey  of the Eagles, Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, and many  others.  Those are just the names that spring to mind.  It seems that musical legends have been dying  every couple of days this month.

Of course, things get a bit confusing  and unclear because  half the  time you see it posted that one of your musical heroes  has died and then, one or two comments after yours, someone will write “This happened in 2012,” for instance, and  you’re left with egg on  your  face.

Then, inevitably, someone will post “Yes, but it’s  still sad.”  Yes, it is.  It was sad  when Elvis died, and Buddy Holly, and Glenn Miller.  It’s also said that, a few short years after their death, we have forgotten that they’re dead, and so fell for the ruse.  Which probably  wasn’t a ruse at all, the person posting just did  not  notice the  date.  And also, probably wasn’t such a huge fan of that particular performer as they’d  like you to believe.

Which  is why, when the person who  comments “Yes, but it’s sad anyway”is the original poster, I get a bit miffed.  That is not the proper response.  The proper response is “Oh, sorry, my bad.  I will take it down immediately.”

Because you can do that.  I suspect a lot of people have never noticed that you  can edit your posts or  delete them (top right corner, post or comment, little arrow pointing  down).

So, I almost never say anything.  Sure, I get into arguments on facebook about politics.  Sometimes about grammar.  But, I don’t want to argue with anybody about death.


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