The Dream

I remembered my dream when I woke up this morning, actually, the last 3 dreams, or the last 3 scenes of one dream, I’m not sure if dreams are divided into scenes or acts like plays, I’m pretty sure  anything remembered is in the last couple of minutes before waking up so while they might be completely disjointed, they are still part of the same thing.
I thought, hey, those were kind of significant, they were interesting  and sort of related to reality, maybe they mean something, so I wrote them down and now, I might as well write them down  again.

In the first one, or at any rate as far back as I can remember, still probably somewhere in the middle, I was sitting in a class and my  old buddy Karel, who I knew when he was in Prague but he left years back and now is living the good life on a beach on an out of the way island in the Philippines, turned around and put a salad on my desk.  Maybe telling me I should eat healthier, I don’t know.  Then we were standing out in the middle of a green lawn, with some little white daisies poking through and I was thinking “This is the most beautiful place on Earth” except I looked a little bit further out and I was in the circular lawn in the middle of a freeway cloverleaf and it really wasn’t that special so I realized I must be stoned.  Which is not illogical, since I often am, and when you are, as you well know, a green lawn in the middle of a freeway cloverleaf can seem to be the most beautiful place on Earth.

In the second part my wife was with me, and I was eating some kind of a light purple jelly candy, like a bar shaped thing, and I was saying to Helena, “Wow, you’ve got to try this, it’s the most amazing thing in the world” but she ignored me and then we were looking into other people’s flats, the doors were all open and we could see the junk strewn around inside and they all looked like they were squats or homeless shelters or something.

In the 3rd part, and a theme was becoming clear, it was all people and scenes from my early days in Prague, i.e. 98-99, and I was standing in line at a bank or a post office with my friend Pamela, I knew it was her but in the dream she looked like (perhaps was being played by) Reese Witherspoon, and we had to buy some kind of travel document but for some reason I’d sent her up to the counter to get it and it was 500kc and as I realized she was going to pay for it I reached for my wallet and was fishing out 250 but she ran out, with the document which was like a little purple square and it looked like a piece of chocolate and so I ran after her and saw her walking kitty corner across the street in heavy traffic, so I followed down one side of the street looking for a place to cross and my shoe fell off and I thought “Never mind, it will catch up” but  after a few more steps remembered that shoes don’t do that, they have no independent means of mobility, so I went back to look for it and that’s when I woke up.

I decided that what the dream probably meant was that I should write about that time in my life.



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2 responses to “The Dream

  1. DW

    Where does your friend Karel live? Kathleen goes regularly to Boracay.

    • Don’t know the name of the island, or even if it has a name. This is the 3rd or 4th one he’s been on, and he’s trying to find the most out of the way places he can. I’ll ask him, though.

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