Caucus Night

My plan was to stay up until I get some caucus news from Iowa but that’s ridiculous, there won’t even be hints until 2 a.m. (Central European Time), and I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my Gymnasium students tomorrow, where I’ll probably talk about the caucuses, but I guess I’ll just get my news  in the  morning like everybody else.

It’s not as if I can do anything about it.

I’m fairly confident in a Sanders win, but that could just be wishful thinking or, in new age terms, confirmation bias.  I want it, therefore I see evidence of it happening.

Sanders has been drawing crowds everywhere he goes in Iowa, and unless all those people have confused him with a rock star and just want his autograph, they’ll turn out to caucus for him.

Or maybe not, people are weird.

Hillary seems to be depending on her reputation (bad move, Hillary) and a lot of high power endorsements.  Bottom line, she’s a lousy campaigner.  In the beginning, she thought she had it in the bag, because she had the name recognition, but name recognition only gets you past the starting gate, once the race is on everybody gets that name recognition and advantage fades.

Bernie’s got all the momentum, and it’s clear that Hillary’s  feeling the pressure.  That whole “You will never, ever have single payer health care” line should have killed her campaign right there.  It was far more damaging, potentially, than Howard Dean’s scream, but the newspapers and TV stations aren’t going on and on about it like they  did with  Dean- inescapable conclusion: big media wants Hillary.

That’s O.K., we’re winning in social media and nobody believes the New York Times any more.

Good night.  Go, Bernie, go!


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