Weekend Movie Reviews

As I come to the close of a 3 day weekend, I look over my to do list and realize, I didn’t do shit.

Helena got a lot done, 3 more chapters on the book we are translating, but I’m now a full chapter and a half behind, and the one before that I’m going to have to go over again, I did such a slack job.  We're the Millers

The kids did not go to the cottage as planned, because Isabel was ill, so we spent the whole  time at home and, for me, that means a lot of time wasted on facebook.  We did watch a few movies, so that was interesting, so  I’ll give you my 4 reviews.

We’re the Millers: Light comedy with Jennifer Aniston, I went into it with low expectations and wound up laughing my ass off.  The scene with the other family in the campground was hysterical.  The  spider bite scene was hysterical.  The baby in a blanket bit was a direct ripoff from an I Love Lucy episode, but it was hysterical.  I didn’t care for the ending, it was a cheap cliche for a marijuana comedy, but still…if you, like me, watch movies just to make you laugh and don’t worry about redeeming social values….this is a good one.

Gone Girl – Pretty exciting psycho thriller, right up to the last 5 minutes.  The ending made no damned sense at all.  He knew she  wasn’t pregnant, he was not trapped.  If he wanted out, she couldn’t  stop him.  The only explanation is that he was just as fucked in the head as she was, and that would be a serious stretch of the imagination, because people that fucked up in  the head are one in a million.

Yes Man – A Jim Carrey thing.  Not as slipstick as his early movies, or Me, Myself and Irene, not as intellectually complex as Eternal Sunshine, the  Truman Show or The Cable Guy, I’d put it more in  the Liar, Liar or Bruce Almighty category – a nice, little, romantic comedy with  a surrealist plot, and a few chances for Jim Carrey to do the Jim Carrey thing, i.e. flopping around and going nuts like a modern day Jerry Lewis, woven into the  script.  If you like Jim Carrey, you’ll like it.  If you don’t,  you won’t.

Twinsters – A made for TV, or maybe even made for  the internet, documentary about identical twin sisters who didn’t know of each other’s existence until they found each other through facebook.  Korean, one grew up in New Jersey and one in Paris.  It was cute, and real, but more like something you’d watch on  TV because there’s nothing better on than watching a movie.  They met, they were happy, their friends were all happy, everybody was happy.

And that’s my blog for tonight.



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2 responses to “Weekend Movie Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Gone Girl: I didn’t catch it either, but earlier she had mentioned fertility problems (on his side), so there was apparently some stored sperm of his that she got hold of (I know???), and she WAS pregnant. She said something about it, but I only caught it by going online and reading about the book and the film.

    • but when he asked “Is there a baby?” she said “There could be” as she invited him to bed.
      The whole ending only makes sense if she was pregnant, and they went to great lengths to spell out that she wasn’t.

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