He Expanded our Horizons

Edgar Mitchell died on Thursday.  I just heard about it today.  It wasn’t really big  news.  He wasn’t a rock star, or a famous actor, or even  a sports legend.  He was just an astronaut,  one of only 12 men who ever walked on  the  moon.  He was also the astronaut who was most outspoken about his belief in  UFOs, which makes him pretty cool in my book.edgar  mitchell

Astronauts from that era are dying off as quick as rock stars, and  it’s logical.  It’s the time line.  Of  the 7 surviving men  who’ve walked on the moon, all are over 80.  Within a decade,  maybe two decades if we’re lucky, we will have regressed to a point in time when there are no living human beings who have  been to  the  moon.

That’s a bit sad, symbolically  sad, but the space station is thriving, there will likely be a Mars colony in the future, and robot craft (which are much cheaper and more efficient and more expendable  than humans) are  exploring the solar system in a way that humans never could.  So, we’re all right.  I’d like to see space exploration proceeding at  a quicker pace, but  it is proceeding.

Rest in Peace,Edgar  Mitchell.  If  ever  a person earned it,  you did.



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