The Clinton Gaffe Machine

There are two statements that lead me to believe  the Clinton campaign is  falling apart, flailing desperately, and likely to collapse completely  even before South Carolina, except that the media (both  mainstream and social) seem far more interested in the  debacle of the Republican’s walking onto the stage at their debate.  Admittedly, it  was comical, and many people who saw it probably flashed back to an embarrassing  moment  in Junior High, but it was just a screw-up on the part of the  network.

Also, the two statements came from Clinton surrogates and not Clinton herself (she’s having a run of bad luck with her surrogates lately -note also Chelsea’s ‘President Sanders’ Freudian slip), but still…taken together they  show different angles of Clinton’s main  message, which is ‘vote for me, I’m  a woman,’ and they didn’t show it in a good light.

First, there was feminist icon (full respect  for that, I’m not being  snarky) Gloria Steinem, with her “Young women who support Sanders are just doing it for the boys.”

Then, there was Madelaine Albright,  who said “There’s a special circle of hell for women who don’t help other women” and since she was standing right next to Clinton at a Clinton rally when she said it, it’s pretty clear she meant “Vote for  Hillary or you’re  going to hell.”  This  is bad because it’s voter  intimidation, sure, but more because  it’s a  Republican  talking point.

Steinem  has since apologized for her statement.  Albright hasn’t,  yet.

We will see what, if any effect these statements had,  and  we’ll  probably see it as early as Tuesday.  I can’t imagine  the women of  New Hampshire are  impressed.


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