The Crazy Train

I  know I’ve been writing about politics an  awful lot  lately but the crazy  train is picking up speed and if you skip a  day  you miss some incredible  lunacy.

I’d like to offer one sobering observation at this point, though.  We know pundits have been  constantly amazed that Trumps support has  not imploded – not after the Mexican rapists comment, not after insulting John McCain and everybody who’s  ever been a  POW, not after saying he could shoot somebody on  5th  avenue and get away  with  it, not after saying ‘Ted Cruz  is a Pussy’ (which was not like an accident  when he  didn’t know the mike was turned on; He said it, in front of a large crowd, and they  cheered).  We have gradually come to  the  realization that  Trump’s support really is that solid.  It’s weird, but there it is.

The strange thing is, none of the other Republicans can be forced out, either.  Pundits thought Rubio was finished after his comically robotic response to Christie during a recent debate.  But he’s still in there, just picked  up an endorsement from Nikki Haley, governor of a  Carolina, never can remember which one, and that the same day as he was busted making an ad saying “Morning Again in America,” even though one of the scenes  shown was of Vancouver.

Jeb Bush is still in, despite only having 1 or 2% in the polls.  Tweeting his gun earned him a lot of derision among liberals, it certainly makes him look more ridiculous than Dukakis  in a tank, but it won’t hurt him a bit with Republican voters.

Ted Cruz is still going strong, despite his wife’s crazy speech about how he is God incarnate, damned near, and despite his outrageous claim that Obama plans to sandblast the crosses off all the Christian graves at Arlington cemetery.

The craziest thing John Kasich has done is to suggest a cabinet level Department of Christian Values, which is totally unconstitutional and scary but, by Republican standards, totally normal.  And he’s still in the race.

The way I see it, none of them can be forced out at this point.  Rubio, Kasich and Bush are just hoping that Trump and Cruz will destroy each other and they, like Romney, will be the only choice left.

Any of them could  be right.


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