Hillary’s Dilemma

Chelsea Clinton’s comment today that Sanders opposition to mass incarceration is ‘worrying’ is, in itself, a little bit worrying.

First, because up to  this  point, I had no particular reason to  dislike  Chelsea Clinton.  I still think of her as the nice,  little girl who lives in the White House.  Sure, she’s out on the campaign trail speaking  for her Mom, who I particularly dislike, but I can understand her motivation.  It’s her Mom, for goodness sake.  Every politician is at least loved by their family, with the possible exceptions of  creepy Ted Cruz, and backstabbing  Donald Trump.

Sure, she’s insanely wealthy and never had to work for it.  That’s O.K.  If I could be wealthy without working for it, I’d take it.  Most people would.

But, when  she says that, she is saying it’s O.K to have prisons run for profit, and it’s O.K. to throw people in jail for bizarrely long  stretches for a bit of weed.  It’s  not O.K.

It underscores one of Hillary’s biggest problems.  Whatever she says (or has her  minions say) is not going to get her elected.  In fact, it seems how unelectable she is.  If she comes out against fracking, or for solar panels, or in favor of maple syrup on pancakes,  Bernie  was there first.  If she tries to draw a distinction, she  comes off looking like a shit.



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