Keep Changin Until some day you get it

Thursday, I tried something new  in my German kids’ class.  This is far my most difficult class, they  have decided  as  a group that their  main goal in life is to make my life miserable.

There were only two kids in  the  group, one of  my regulars,  who is,  in many ways, the worst one, and another kid  from the kindergarten who I didn’t know.  They do that sometimes.  If there aren’t enough kids in the group they’ll invite one  of the other kids  to try the English lesson.

Anyway, my brilliant new plan was an obvious one, I  guess; puppets.  I kept their interest for  about the first 15 minutes, but  for that lot, that’s  a  minor miracle.

So, I tried it  today with my slightly  older group.  It worked super well.

I need to work on  my routine quite a bit , but I’ll have lots of time for that.

One little girl, who doesn’t talk  if  she can avoid it, made a puppet  of the own, a little pink thing made from her hat and  stuffed into her jacket sleeve. At the end of the class , I told her that ‘Max’ was our best student.

She  was very pleased with that.



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