Republicans are pretending to be upset that Obama didn’t attend Scalia’s funeral.(I say pretending because of course they are.  Everything is a  political calculation  with  these guys.  They have no true emotions) Trump tweeted a funny little joke that Obama probably would have attended if the funeral were in a Mosque, ha ha.

The thing is, if he’d attended, they’d be saying he  was showboating, taking  advantage of Scalia’s death for a photo-op, making it all about himself, etc… You can’t win.

Does anybody remember Paul Wellstone’s funeral?  It was 2002, pretty much the year of peak evil.  Paul  Wellstone was a liberal Democratic Senator from  the state of Minnesota who died (along with  his  wife, his  daughter, and a few staffers) in a small plane crash.  Things happen. No conspiracy was ever proved, although  I have  my suspicions.  But that’s not  my point.

A bunch of Republicans showed up  for  the funeral.  Which  would have  been O.K., if they were truly there out of respect, but they  weren’t.  They acted like  assholes  during a eulogy, they got booed, and the next day the  Republican propaganda machine,  led  by Fox News, swung into action.  By the end  of the  day, it  was the Democrats who’d turned  the funeral into a tacky political rally.  It was one of the most  fucked up things  I’ve ever  seen the Republicans do, and they totally got  away with  it.

So,  here’s the  way I see it.  If  you want to respect the  dead, and their family, but you didn’t really respect them in life (and, let’s face  it, Scalia was a  piece of shit) just  stay away from their funeral.



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