What Happened in Vegas is Not Going to Stay in Vegas

I have said it before and I’ll undoubtedly say it again before this is all over: Hillary Clinton cannot win the nomination except by employing dirty  tactics.

Now, we have to draw some distinctions.  There is hardball politics, there is dirty but not illegal, and then there is illegal or at least ought to be.  Getting the pledges of the superdelegates in advance is in the first category, it was sort of expected of her as the early favorite with the inside connections.  Having the support of the DNC is kind of dirty in my opinion, I don’t know that anything is actually illegal in an intra-party battle, but the DNC should have been neutral from the beginning, and they most definitely have not been.

In Iowa, there were rumors of county chairpeople switching delegates, which would probably be illegal, but that was never proved and the allegations were drowned out by the debate over whether it was a tie or actually a Hillary win.

She won Nevada by a slightly larger margin, but there have been a lot more allegations of dirty politics.  First, push polling, and that has been confirmed.  Again, I’m not sure if it’s illegal, but it sure as hell ought to be.  It is slander, it is false advertising, it is a Republican tactic, it is unacceptable and team Hillary did it.

Second, there are the allegations that she rounded up homeless people to caucus for her, paying them a bit for their trouble.  I’m pretty sure that is illegal, at least it would be in a general election.

Third, the allegations that campaign workers switched T shirts, effectively disguising themselves as members of the nurses union.  Hell of a risk, that one, because actual nurses might get seriously pissed off, and that’s a group she needs.  Not illegal, though, because in the end a red T shirt is only a red T shirt, and you have to give her people credit for a bit of creativity.

Then there is the allegation that a Clinton precinct chairman told people not to vote for the ‘socialist Jew.‘  I think we should ignore that one for now, for the following reasons.  First, there’s no tape of him actually saying it, just tape of Sanders supporters saying he said it.

I can believe it happened.  In a heated political debate, people say shit.  It wasn’t Hillary who said it, and if we’re going to hold the candidates responsible for everything one of their supporters says, well…I may have said a bad thing or two myself.

So, my complaints about  Hillary after Nevada are the push polling, and maybe the homeless voters thing(but, on the other hand, homeless people have the right to vote, too) and the T shirt thing, but mostly the push polling.  That’s bad enough.  And without sleazy tactics like that, she can’t win.



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