Global Town Hall

I got invited to watch an internet town hall sponsored by Democrats abroad, at a friend’s flat, so I went.  I expected like 30-40 people, wearing Bernie T Shirts and carrying signs as we watched convention like events at different places around the world, and I suppose that was sort of the idea.

The reality was that  we had 4 people, it was kind of a bad attempt at a group skype, Madelaine Albright spoke for a long time without saying anything of substance, then a guy standing in front of an American flag that looked like it was made out of crepe paper tried to contact the various house parties.  It  went something like this:

Hello, Luxembourg?

Yarrhh, argle bargle, lots of unintelligible noise

Well, as you can tell, they’re having a lot of trouble with their audio.

Let’s go to Geneva, Switzerland.  Geneva, Hello

Dead silen

Hello, Geneva, are you there?

And then he told people how important it was to vote, and asked for money, and they showed videos of Al Franken and Kirsten Gillibrand and Corey Booker saying how important it is to vote, and that’s how they stalled for over an hour before Bernie showed up, spoke for about 10 minutes, max, answered two questions, and then had to go.

It was a disappointment, but Hillary did not participate at all.  One interesting thins in our group:  One guy left and one woman showed up, but she was a Hillary supporter and defended her candidate valiantly, even though in vain.

It was the real world version of so many arguments I’ve been having on the  Internet so, reassuring in a sense.  What we say here does relate, slightly, to real life.


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