Facebook’s New Emojis

Most of the comments I’ve been reading about the extended  range of emojis on facebook has been negative.  I suppose that’s natural.  People who like them are likely to just go ahead and use them.  People who don’t are likely to bitch about them.emojis

Surprisingly, I haven’t noticed many people using them yet, but maybe that’s just because most of my facebook friends are old farts and slow adapters.  Maybe it’s because I don’t  pay much attention to that sort of thing anyway.

I am definitely what you’d call a slow adapter.  By the time I got my first mobile phone, everybody else already had one.  By the time I started writing my blog, millions of people were writing blogs.  On facebook, I didn’t even use the like button at first.  Then, I realized that I appreciated it when somebody liked my posts, and figured maybe it was a bit rude of me not to return the favor.

So, maybe I’ll wind up using them eventually.  Most of the posts I’ve seen with regard to them have been mocking, and suggesting different icons.  A stack of poo, for instance, to indicate ‘this post is full of shit’ or a clock to indicate ‘this is an old article’ or a picture of Karl Marx you could use to call somebody a communist.

It’s shorthand.  I feel it’s kind of cheating.  I use words to try and express complete, original thoughts.  Maybe some people aren’t as worried about that.  We’re heading for a collective mind, and everybody expressing their emotions is part of it, however arbitrarily or formulaically they do so.  It’s all good.


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