Don’t Be Afraid

With the increasing inevitability that Donald Trump, who has never held any public office, who has declared bankruptcy 4 times and destroyed Eastern Airlines, who is being sued for fraud over ‘Trump University,’ which  wasn’t a university  at  all, who is despised by many of his own relatives, who cannot give coherent arguments for, or even explanations of, his own positions, who speaks in insults, and has  a hard time spelling even those, will win the Republican  nomination, a lot of people  are  becoming very nervous.

Some Republicans  are very nervous, because they think he will destroy the party.  However, they seem powerless to stop him and most, like Chris  Christie, will get in line behind him and hope for the best.  Others, like Lindsey  Graham, may bolt.

Many Democrats are nervous, of course.  I have seen many  posts today saying “The time has come to stop  treating his candidacy as a joke.  The time has come to be afraid.”

Nonsense.  First of all, I’ve seen  this mostly from my Clinton supporting friends, who want us to unite behind Hillary because we should  fear a Trump presidency.  That is nonsense.  Bernie does better than she does in head to head polls against Trump, so if they are nervous (Nervous is reasonable – afraid is bad.  Fear leads to bad judgements.), then they should  get behind Sanders.

But, mainly, I’m confident that whichever Democrat gets the nomination will win.  Trump gets 100% of the white supremacist vote, which is maybe 30, maybe even 40% of the white population.  He  gets 0% of the  rest.  Well, maybe not 0%.  There are some crazy people in this world.  Ben Carson will  support Trump.

Still, he does not have  enough to win.  So, people  voting in the Democratic primaries should  not be stampeded by fear into supporting  a candidate they don’t actually like.  Whoever the Democrats  choose  as a nominee will be the winner  in November.  I’m  very confident about that.


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