We’ve Only Just Begun

I don’t really want to write  about  politics  tonight, but I feel I must.  I was very depressed when I woke up this morning and saw the headlines.  It didn’t help that  I have a lot  of Hillary supporters on  my facebook page who were gloating.  Can’t  say that’s  surprising, though.  They  probably believe  in her as much as I believe in Bernie, although I can’t understand  why and they’ve never given me a good  reason, and they were probably just as irritated  with our gloating  after New  Hampshire.

But, I am really, really pleased  with the reaction from team Sanders.  Nobody’s giving  up,  nobody’s ready to throw in  the towel.  One  friend posted  this graphic, which  sort of keeps  things in perspective.PDC

There  were large pro-Sanders rallies in 45 cities  across America, which probably didn’t  get a lot of press because, you know, the press, but that’s why we have social media.  And we picked  up  a major endorsement, from Tulsi Gabbard, a congressperson from Hawaii.  The reason her endorsement is significant is because she was the vice-chairman of the  Democratic National Committee, and she had to resign that post to endorse him.  It’s an act of great political courage, and it says a lot.

Tuesday, there will be 10 primaries.  We’ll pick up a few delegates,  but we’re not  expected  to  win  Tuesday, either.  Nonetheless, the fight will go on, Sanders should do better and better because facts, logic, momentum and the electoral map are on his side, and the only argument Hillary supporters have – that we should give it up and let her win  because she’s winning, already, come on, please….isn’t convincing anybody.





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