Super Tuesday

I voted today.  It  was in  the Democrats Abroad primary, something  I did not even  know existed until this year, but apparently it’s happened for the last couple of elections.

The polling  place was my  least favorite restaurant/pub/bookstore in Prague, the only business establishment in the city which I refuse  to patronize.  It’s not because they’re  overpriced, although they are, or that their food is nothing special, which it’s not.  I used to go there occasionally, and we had our  poetry readings there for  a long time.  But, they don’t want to carry my books, so fuck them.  I  even  missed  a poetry  reading there a couple of months ago, and I almost never miss  a chance to  read my  poetry on  stage, that’s how much I hate The Globe.

bernie 2016

But, this was important, and I didn’t have to buy anything, so after my classes (which went fairly well today although, as is often the case, I was horrified to  realize  that  some of my students have  an information  retention span  of less than  10 seconds) I took a tram  into the center, filled out  a form to join Democrats Abroad, sat down  at a table  and filled  out a ballot, and plonked  it in  the box for  Bernie Sanders.  It felt  good.

I’m a bit nervous.  If  we don’t win  at  least 3 or 4  states, we’re  in big trouble.  I don’t expect the  press to pay any attention to the Democrats abroad race, with its 21 delegates, but I think we  might win it. Vermont is a gimme, and I’m  pretty sure we’ll  take  Massachusetts.  I’ve got a friend in Colorado caucusing for Bernie, and I’ve got high hopes there.  We could win  Minnesota.  Maybe Oklahoma.  I’d  be delirious if  we won  Texas,  but that may be wishful thinking.

Whatever the outcome, it is on to the next,  and the  fight continues.  We’ve got the better candidate.  There is no doubt about that.


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