Unequal Treatment

It’s a phenomenon we all notice in childhood, and it remains true throughout life, and it’s been true throughout all of human  history.  Some people can get away with everything.  Some people can’t get away with anything.


Take a look at Donald Trump.  Makes blatantly racist comments about Mexicans.  Isn’t forced out of the race.  Makes crude, obnoxious, schoolboy level jokes about a female reporter, and it doesn’t bother his fans a bit.  Not even  the women.  Demeans of a prisoner of war.   Surely, I thought, in such  a military loving crowd, that will finish him.  Nope.  Makes fun of a handicapped reporter.  On stage, doing the arm motions, eh, eh, eh, what a spaz.  An average person, your friends would all stop talking to you and you’d never be invited anywhere again.  Didn’t even slow him down.  Starts swearing during his speeches, calls his opponent a pussy.  Crowd loves it.  Quotes Mussolini.  Fine and dandy.  Gets endorsed by the KKK.  Says he’s cool with that.  Still, he’s almost certain of the GOP nomination.

Chris Christie, on the other hand, who recently  dropped out of the race, sees the writing on the wall, and endorses Trump.  Looks fat and stupid standing behind Trump on stage.  Internet goes wild.  (what?  People didn’t notice he looked fat and stupid before?)  Christie is threatened with recall in New Jersey.  His political career is in a shambles.  Because he ENDORSED the guy who was endorsed by the KKK.

The guy who was actually endorsed by the KKK is doing just fine.

I don’t feel bad for Christie.  He is a horrible person whose career should have been finished long ago.  I’m just mystified at how Trump keeps getting away with it.


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