A Comment and a Poem

I’m watching a documentary about Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, and not really learning much  I didn’t  know.  Right  wing nuts are nothing new.  I doubt if there’s been  a day  since 1783 when somebody, somewhere, didn’t say “What the hell has  happened  to America.”  Actually, you hear  it from both right and left, but the right seems to be more militant,and more heavily armed.  Most on the  left  are just  too  busy  smoking pot all the time.

So, not a whole lot I want to comment on  tonight, so I’ll just leave a poem here that I wrote yesterday, because I kind of like it:


Although our perception
of it is limited
this world we live on
exists – it’s a fact

It’s not a hologram
some kind of matrix
hit a brick wall and
your bones will all crack

As we go walking
around this small planet
we hear what we hear and
we see what we see

The song of the birds and
the scent of the flowers
the lakes and the rivers
the houses, the trees

This is the baseline
of our experience
all of our science
and all of our art

Poetry, history
books, films and music are
based on the world of which
we are a part

but, when we see things or
hear them or feel them or
smell them or taste them then
they cross a line

They become part of an
alternate universe
that exists only in
one person’s mind

Each separate universe
takes these ingredients
shapes them and molds them
in different ways

There is no limit to
what can be sculpted
by different sculptors
who have the same clay

Now, here’s the crazy part
here’s the amazing bit
we are all separate
but we’re all here

So from our separate,
disparate visions
something incredible’s
bound to appear

One world spawns many worlds
this is amazing,
creative, inspiring,
beautiful, fun

Then out of many
again and again we see
new combinations
and then there’s just one


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