Lay Off Mitt

I see a lot of my fellow progressives mocking Mitt Romney for criticizing Trump and saying he should release his tax returns.  That makes no sense to me.  As long as he’s criticizing Trump, maybe we should just bite our  tongues and let the  Republicans knock each other out.

I believe it was Napoleon  who said “When your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt him.”  I don’t  think Romney is  making a mistake here.  It might be a bit of hypocrisy, but that’s not our problem.  His criticisms of Trump are spot on, and we should just be glad  to hear them.


Today was a good day for poetry.  Two on the Poems about Paintings page, and two on the Occasional Poems page, although one was just a  rhyming comment.  The other one I was extremely pleased with, about how everybody has a  world inside their  own head, and  all of these  distinct worlds co-exist within  the physical world where we all live.


Living in Prague, I do not get all the hot new TV shows when they are hot and new.  So, I just watched my first full episode of Breaking Bad.  I guess I can see why everybody liked it so much, but I’m not so much into the crime and violence shows, and I already know what it’s all about from hearing everybody talk about it all the time, so I don’t think I’ll be a regular viewer.


Finished “A Confederacy of Dunces” today.  Not what I expected, but a really  entertaining  read.  The way people  talk, and write about it, I expected something deep and complex and fraught with meaning and I suppose you could read it that  way, but it just  struck me as fun, there were several points  in the book  where I  just laughed  out loud, big guffaws: the car accident, having to climb down  off the table  where he was giving  a speech after everybody had left  the room, the bird and  the earring.  The characters were very believable, which I guess would make it a tragedy, because so many of them were sad, pathetic people living miserable lives, but the saddest and most pathetic didn’t see it that  way, so it was funny.  I definitely recommend this book.


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