Pre-Peeled Oranges

There is not anything in the world that people won’t respond to in more than one way.  Today somebody posted a picture on my page of a new product at Whole Foods, a pre-peeled orange in a plastic container.  The obvious intent was to show what a shallow, spoiled, wasteful consumerist society we are, but my first thought was “Hey! Cool!  I hate peeling oranges!”pre-peeled oranges

So, I said something to that effect and there were plenty of other commenters.  Someone suggested that maybe there could be a peeling table near the checkout for those who were seriously too lazy to peel their own and that would save on the plastic, someone else mentioned what a boon this would be for people with rheumatism or Parkinson’s disease, and so on.

Of course, the plastic both adds to the expense and is not very environmental but that could be replaced with some biodegradable material which could be recycled as a planter, bringing new orange trees into the  world.

Also, if the oranges are going to be pre-peeled (and why not segmented?), that’s a bit of a job creation program, but  it will probably be handed over to robots pretty quick, it’s a repetitive task.

As far as it being a sign of how lazy we are becoming, how decadent as a society, I say so be it.  The whole goal of mankind, the story of our civilization, is an attempt to make our lives easier, and more luxurious. I’m all for that.

But, for me, it’s mostly an irrelevant point anyway, because I prefer tangerines.


(update:  apparently Whole Foods has pulled the product because they couldn’t take the mockery.  Oh, well.  I’m sure it will be tried again.)


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