Sharapova Busted, Sort of

I don’t really care if athletes do drugs, any more than I care if actors have had plastic surgery.  Sure, it’s cheating, but it doesn’t affect my life any.  I  still think Lance Armstrong is the greatest bicyclist ever, however he got that way.


Maria Sharapova

So, I’m not upset, or disillusioned, or particularly surprised that Maria Sharapova failed a drug test.  And, actually, I expect she’ll more or less get away with it – a short suspension, maybe.  Her explanation is that it’s a drug (meldonium – never heard of it) she’s been taking for years, her doctor prescribed it to her in 2006 due to an irregular heart rate (yeah, right…not sure I believe that, but, again, don’t really care) and it wasn’t on the banned list until a couple of  months ago.

That part’s true.  It was just banned a couple of months ago.  She says she just didn’t notice.  I don’t know if I believe that , either.  Still don’t care.

True or false, short suspension or long, it’s all O.K.  Her career is winding down anyway.  She was #1 in the world for a few months when she was 17, and, at 28, almost certainly never will be again.

But, she’s got millions of dollars and one tremendous thing in her favor.  She may not be the greatest female tennis player in the world, but she is certainly the best looking.  I was reminded of that fact -in fact, couldn’t stop thinking about it – while I was watching her innocent little “I made a big mistake” speech.  She’ll still get lots of sponsorships and spokesperson deals.  She might even be able to go into movies, although I don’t know if she can act at all.

At any rate, she’ll be fine.  If this had happened when she was 17, I’d feel bad for her.  Now, not so much.  Basically, she got away with it.


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