We just watched two films, which is as good a way to cap off  a weekend as any.  The first was kid’s  choice, and it was an  incredibly lame teen  comedy  called “Mark and Russel’s Wild  Ride” about  a nerd who had to  get his driver’s license so he could drive the cool girl to the pool party.  It was badly acted (but heavy  handed overacting  is part  of the genre), slow paced, looked like Diary of a Wimpy  Kid (which I hated – all of them) and the  jokes were insanely predictable, but I still got  a laugh or  two.  When he  catapulted himself over  the fence and said he’d land  on the mattress, you knew perfectly  well he was going to land in the dirt, but it was funny anyway, in  a Three Stooges way.  The kid’s liked  it, and that’s the point.  I’m not sure  if  it’s  just different tastes, or if they  have way lower standards in films, it’s just like watching another TV show, whereas to my generation watching  a film is  an event, even  if you’re watching  it at home, on  TV.


Then we put the kids to bed and watched Inception.  Wow.  What a great film.  Sure, it worked as action adventure, and special effects extravaganza, but it also worked in the way that counts, as a great science fiction film.  They took a plausible, but not yet real, technology, and examined it pretty thoroughly, ethical dilemmas and all.  Basically, they could go into other people’s dreams and direct them to some extent.  Of course, they did this to try and convince the rich heir to break up his father’s company, because they were the opposition, which certainly should be illegal, but the film also goes into what happens when people  prefer the dream to the reality and don’t want to come back, and when  people stop knowing the  difference.

It was dark and, by  the end, I was wondering if there were any positive uses for this technology.  Well, of course there are.  It could be  an amazing tool for psychoanalysis, although that makes issues of discretion and confidentiality even more problematic.  Also, for couples, it could  take relationships to a much deeper  level.
But, in Inception, mostly they blew shit up and had gunfights and  stuff.  It was a great movie.


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