Stupid or Malicious?

There are two topics  I want to talk about tonight.  Well, three.  RIP Keith Emerson.  What can you say  about that, though?  He was an awesome keyboard player, the driving  force behind Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, a legend from the golden age  of music.  He was 71, and he died.  My thoughts go  out to his family and close friends.  As far as his  fans, well, we’ll always have  his music.

The two political things I want to talk about, though , are Hillary’s  flub, and the  Trump ‘riot.’

I had quite a few arguments with Hillary people today, and it  reminds me  of arguments about Nixon, Reagan, and  Bush (either one, take  yourpick)  The question was always, malicious or just stupid.  It’s an unfair argument, since malicious is not  a defense, not an argument you  shouldbe able  to use to say “Well, he’s not stupid,” and  stupid  is an  inadequate argument to use to say “Well,at least  he’s not  malicious” and whichever argument we  choose to make  they will deflect  with the other  one.

Hillary’s supporters defended her statement (that Nancy Reagan was a hero in the fight against  AIDS) by saying “It was just a mistake,” i.e. stupid, not malicious, and one  went  so far as to say she had a “middle aged moment” which was an obvious  way of saying ‘senior moment.’  Which is not  an argument in her favor.

But,as in  all arguments with Hillary  supporters, they eventually just said “You’re being mean, stop criticizing  her, you’re  only helping Trump.”  Like their chosen candidate, they can dish it out but  they can’t take it.

On to the Trump  riots, which weren’t really riots.  It didn’t descend  into a Ferguson or Baltimore type situation.  I’m pretty sure no shops were looted, I didn’t hear of any shots  fired, and I suspect everybody’s gone  home by now.  They had to cancel a rally because the  protesters, who’ve been appearing in twos and threes and  promptly been thrown out of the rallies, sometimes with an unacceptable level of aggression and violence, showed  up in the thousands, and they couldn’t throw them all out, so they canceled the rally.

Actually, I don’t think this is a tactic we should pursue.  Let the crazy man have his rallies.  Protest in front of the building.  Make funny  signs about his tiny penis.  By all means take note of who’s there, let their pictures go viral, shame them.  But  don’t stop the rallies.  That’s not nice.  That’s not democratic.


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