Pre-Primary Jitters

I  am nervous. Not so nervous that I am going to stay  up another 4 or 5 hours and ruin a night’s sleep over something  I can do nothing about, but nervous.  The future of the world, to a large extent,  depends on how  people  are voting today, right now, in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina and  Florida.

To me, the  right choice is clear.  It’s Bernie Sanders, and that’s just plain obvious.  Hillary Clinton  is  part of that elite group that is running the world, which has always been running the  world, and  unless Sanders does fairly well today,  will  continue to run  the world.

That is, I am certain that  whoever gets  the Democratic nomination will win the presidency.  Either of them, in a one on  one debate against  Donald Trump, will make him look like a complete idiot.  Either one of them will manage to outcampaign him and, in fact, out fundraise him.  Rich people know Trump  would be  a  disaster.  Lots of regular Republican  voters will abandon him.

Here’s how I think it  will break down.  We’ll win  Illinois and Ohio.  If  we  can  pick up a third, I’ll be ecstatic.  If either candidate wins 4 out of 5,  it’s  going to be very  hard for the other  win the nomination.  I’m in it with Bernie to the end, but if we  don’t take at least  two, we’re in trouble.

But, it works the other way, too.  A Bernie sweep is  just as likely as a Hillary sweep.

Actually, though, I expect it will be close enough that both  sides will declare victory and the struggle will continue.

Going to bed now.  With  fingers crossed.


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