The Appointment of Merrick Garland

I don’t know much about Merrick Garland.  In fact, I’d never  heard of him before today.  I suspect that’s true of the vast majority of Americans.  Judges are not basketball players, or  rock stars, or actors.

Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland



Still, I am disappointed with the choice.  Faced with the possibility of obstruction in congress, Obama chose a judge who should be palatable to Republicans.  He is male, he is white, he is even a little bit old.  He does not have a reputation for being  exceptionally progressive.  In fact, he has  been praised by key Republicans in the recent past and mentioned by them as the kind of guy Obama should appoint.

That makes me nervous.  Once again, Obama has  compromised before the battle has even been fairly engaged, and the Republican rage machine will see it as weakness and be emboldened.  It’s bullshit.  Obama should have picked the most progressive, liberal judge he could find.  And, if it  was a handicapped black lesbian, so much the better.  Bastards need to go on vacation eventually and, blammo!, recess appointment.

It  looks  like they’re going to stonewall this guy, anyway, just on principle.


I just defended a Hillary supporter and, I must say, it feels good.  I’m aware of the ‘know thy enemy’ argument and if I defriend everybody just for liking Hillary then I’ll wind up with an all-Bernie page and not see opposing points of view.

I would give that argument some credence if they actually  were willing to engage in debate, but they’re not.  They either say “You should just give it up because we’re so far ahead we’re going to win,” to which I can only say “fuck you” but I never actually say that because then people would think I’m the bad guy, or (this woman’s particular transgression) “You should stop saying bad things about her because I love her and why are you saying bad things on MY page.”

To which I can only say “If it’s your page, how can I see it?, and if I’m not supposed to comment, why is there a box that says ‘comment?,’ and  if your candidate is so candy-assed weak that you can’t rebut my  negative comments about her (Iraq war vote, fracking, Monsanto, private prisons) then maybe you should come on over to the Sanders side.

But, I just defriended her.  It’s not as if I was going to convince her of anything.


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