What I Learned Today

Here are a couple of things I learned today.  Dogs (and wolves) are the only animals who understand the human concept of pointing.

Mountain gorillas eat about 20 kilograms of food a day, which is important because they live in the mountains, and it gets cold at night.


Approximately 1,000,000 Russians died in the siege of Leningrad.  That’s just one battle.  One city.

Women sleep, on average, 20 minutes longer than men and one theory about why this is so is that they multi-task more than men, therefore they are using a greater percentage of their brain, therefore they need more sleep.

I’m not going to take up too much space commenting on B and C.  With the mountain gorillas, you could have told me they eat 10 kilos or 30 kilos, and I’d have been equally unsurprised.  I’d never really  thought about it before.

On the first one, I am very surprised.  I would have thought at least chimps could figure that out, and maybe even horses.  But, it was on Discovery Channel, and as much as I am bothered that Discovery  Channel seems to spend all their time lately on people who fix up old cars and catch alligators and go fishing and other, boring shit like that, this was one of the kind of programs that used to be their mainstay, so it’s probably solid info.  Also, I teach English to 4 and 5 year olds.  Most of them seem to think that ‘point to’ means ‘run to, jump up and down and attempt to rip it off the wall,’ so maybe it’s a more esoteric concept than I’d thought.

On the second one, this is a handy piece of information for guys to know.  Not only is it a cool piece of trivia to whip out at a party when you want to convince the girl you’re with that you’re a serious feminist so that she will have sex with you, but also handy advice when you’re actually living with one of them.  Do you remember the guy in Catch-22, not Yossarian but one of the other characters, who was in love with the prostitute?  She wouldn’t give him the time of day, until he (who was just trying to keep her away from other guys) guarded over her while she slept through the night and after that she  was totally in love with him, because that’s all she’d really wanted was a good night’s sleep.
Sleep – it’s the one thing you can do in bed that women want more of than men.


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