I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Hillary Clinton cannot win this  without cheating.  If, God forbid, she gets the nomination, it will be proof that cheating happened.  This is not acceptable.


house always wins

There was the push polling in Nevada, Bill’s shenanigans in Massachusetts and Florida (campaigning at the polling locations), the lack of paper ballots in Florida and the  funky ballots in Illinois where Bernie was listed 4th, behind Hillary Clinton and two guys nobody has ever heard of, the questionable voting machines in Ohio, the list of minor infractions goes on and on.

But there are two examples recently which I think are seriously  egregious, which should be challenged in court.  The first is the changing of an  article about Sanders in the New York Times.  Now, newspapers change their articles all the time – before they are published.  Now, in the internet age, they sometimes change them afterward – to correct somebody’s name, perhaps, or to remove an unnecessary comma.  But  what they did to Sanders was a horse of a different, and seriously fucked up, color.  They wrote an article about how effective Bernie had been in passing amendments to bills in congress.  In fact, he’s got the congressional record at that tactic, which is clear evidence that he knows how to deal with congress, and some of them were for pretty important stuff.  Consumer protection, reforming the Veteran’s administration, establishing local health clinics, jobs stuff, and  more.
After lots of Sanders supporters (and, in fact, the Sanders campaign) had linked to it, they went back in and changed the article.  Not small stuff.  They yanked a positive quote and shortened another one, they change the headline to insert the word ‘modest’ in front of ‘victories’ and they added a couple of paragraphs at the end which change the tone of the whole article.  There probably won’t be any charges, because the New York Times isn’t officially a part of the Clinton campaign. but still…they, like her, are sleazy weasels.

Then there was this little gem out of North Carolina.  Hillary operatives managed to weasel their way into the Sanders campaign and sabotaged the campaign from the inside, refusing to meet with local politicians who wanted to publicly endorse Sanders, canceling rallies, etc…

Now, admittedly, the Sanders campaign shouldn’t have let this happen.  But, Bernie’s running a clean campaign, and he probably didn’t even suspect Clinton of this level of dirty play.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters on facebook keep saying we shouldn’t say anything negative about her, but screw that.  After this, the gloves are off.  She’s a dirty, low life, Karl Rove style cheat.


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