Oestre Weekend

Easter has  always been my least  favorite  holiday.   As a child, looking for the  colored eggs was kind  of  fun, but I never cared for  hard boiled  eggs much,  as food, and a small bit of chocolate didn’t really make up for it.  It wasn’t anywhere near as cool as Hallowe’en.  Then, we had to get dresse up, and go to  Easter dinner at our Aunt Louise’s house, which we considered  the most boring place in the universe, although  we’d usually, after dinner, be allowed to walk down to the ‘river’ (it was a creek) and play.

Easter in the Czech Republic isn’t any better.  People get a lot  more artistic with  the eggs, and the Easter trees look  colorful, but I’m expected  to go  with the family  up to the cottage, just because it’s one of the big holidays, and  I consider that  now to be the most  boring  place on Earth.  And I consider the  tradition  with the whips to be stupid.  I feel like  maybe I’m a bad parent, because I just let Sam and Isabel deal with that experience with their Mom and grandparents, and I stay upstairs with a book.

When I first arrived, the tradition with the whips just seemed like something somebody had made up, like in a bad, comedy movie stereotype of primitive and isolated cultures.  Then, I accepted the explanation that  it was a harmless tradition, a little  bit of fun.  Sure, some feminists get bent out of shape, but they have no sense of humor about anything.  Then, I noticed that some guys were just way too into it.  There are guys whose eyes light up at the  chance to whip a woman, and who hit too hard,  and with  too much relish.

It’s like people who say “The  Confederate Flag ain’t  racist.  It’s tradition, it’s our heritage.”  More often than not, you’ll find they are racist.

I like Spring.  I like Beltane, and Solstice Celebrations, and Čarodějnice, and fun holidays like that, but Easter I could live without.


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