A Step Too Far?

Maybe, just maybe, this Arizona shitstorm is going to backfire on Hillary.  Sure, she didn’t lose as many delegates Tuesday as she should have but the wins in Idaho and Utah were huge enough that the margin was cut down a bit, whatever the final result in Arizona.  Sure, it looks like Bernie isn’t planning to take it to court, which is what I think he should do.  In fact, I just watched the Cenk Uygur interview and he sounded  very calm and subdued about the whole thing.  Maybe it was just that he was talking to a friendly interviewer and didn’t feel the need to give his usual rant.  Maybe the talk about him sounding angry  and grumpy got to him and he decided to mellow his tone.  I think that’s a mistake, I like angry Bernie, but, you must admit, the man knows how to win elections, so maybe I’m wrong and he’s right.



But, his supporters are fired up and filled with righteous rage.  They are also on edge and alert to possible fraud in  upcoming states.  If Hillary is prevented from cheating in New York, I think she will get crushed there.  She may have been the Senator from New York, but Bernie is from New York.  And, if truth be told, she was only kind of mediocre as Senator.

Even some of her supporters, most of whom are idealistic people who really, really think it’s important to have a female president, may be turned off by the realization that she cares more about winning the nomination than she does about the democratic process.  I haven’t actually heard of anybody switching their support  yet, but I’ve noticed my Facebook feed today has had far fewer of them than usual.  Deep in their hearts, they know what happened in Arizona was wrong.

Somebody  posted on Facebook today that harassing post saying ‘you must pledge to support her if she wins the nomination.’  A month or so ago, those posts were generally met with “Of course I will, but we’re still fighting for Bernie now.”  This thread, today, was met with a torrent of refusal and abuse.  Rightly so.

Arizona may have been a bridge too far, a step over the line, a pyrrhic victory for Clinton.  People are in no mood to take her shit any more.


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