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I’m off to the  cottage in about 20 minutes so I will hammer out this morning blog now and an evening blog when I return tomorrow night so no days will be missed in the continuum.


“There’s a bit of symbolism going on here.”

Three for three and with huge  majorities!  80% in Alaska, nearly 80% in Washington, and about 70% in Hawaii, where there was the added joyful bonus that they caught one of Hillary’s people actually trying to abscond with some ballots, the blatant form of election fraud Matthew Broderick tried to pull in ‘Election,’ which was a seriously brilliant movie, if there’s anybody whose never seen it, they should.
It’s 5 for 6 out of the last 6 contests, and would be 6 for 6 if Arizona was counted as a win for Sanders, which it should have been.  In any event, I believe Arizona was a Pyrrhic victory for Clinton, because the fraud was so blatant that anyone whose main issue is fairness in  politics, maintaing the Democratic system, everybody gets to vote, cannot, in good conscience,  support Hillary going forward. Even 5 out of 6 gives us back the momentum, slashes her delegate lead considerably, and gives us the right to say to those people harassing us on Facebook saying “You must pledge to vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who it is,” “You first.”
Plus, of course, there was the bird.


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