Dream Killers

I saw a post on facebook today that said “Beware of people who have no dreams of their own, but are good at killing other people’s” and I was set to comment and say “That’s exactly what I think of Hillary supporters who keep urging us to give up, to pledge our loyalty to her as the presumed candidate.”  Filthy, low-life, energy sucking dream killers.
But I thought better of it.  There was nothing political in the post.  Some people want their facebook pages to be full of flowers and kittens and cupcakes and lovely, lovely little platitudes and why should I harsh their buzz.  I wouldn’t go into a church and shout out “There is no God!”,  I wouldn’t go to a cat show and try to convince people that dogs are better than cats, even though that is my  sincere belief.

And then, I noticed that the person who posted the meme isn’t even American, so it truly would have been out of place.

That’s pretty much the way I feel, though.  Nobody says “Oh, I just love the way Hillary’s been against private prisons since October.”  I’ve never heard anybody say “I think her policy on fracking is brilliant!  Regulated but not banned is the way to do it!”  I’ve never heard one of her supporters say “I think it’s brilliant how she supported the Iraq War but later apologized for it.”  No, they just say “She apologized for it,” as if we’re supposed to wipe the slate clean.
No, if pressed, they’ll say they love her because she’s a woman, or because she’s been criticized so much and half the stuff they say about her isn’t even true (which means half is).
They have no dream.  They have no vision of a better world.  Like the jealous lobster that will never let one of their friends escape from the pot, they are just trying to kill other people’s dreams.

We cannot let them succeed.


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